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Hanspaulka Elementary School Board

About the school

The school board of ZŠ Hanspaulka was established according to Act 561/2004 Coll. since the school year 2003/4.
This school body allows the legal representatives of pupils to participate in the administration of the school.
The school board meets at least twice a year. Her term of office is three years.

Parent representatives:

  • Adéla Stejskalová
  • PhDr. Petr Mezera

Representatives of teaching staff:

  • Mgr. Peter Bucci
  • Mgr. Vera Nemcová

Representatives of the founder (MČ Prague 6):

  • Mgr. Jan Lacina
  • Mgr. Tomáš Chalupa – Chairman


Convocation of the Hanspaulka Elementary School Board:

Dear Parents,

one of the goals of the school board is to deepen the cooperation between the family and the school. We want to find answers to the questions that run through our heads, as parents, children or teachers, but we have little chance to solve them ourselves. We believe that everything has a solution. Together with the school management, we can look for ways to further develop the school. If you want to be part of this process, write us your questions, suggestions, ideas and opinions. We promise to deal with them.


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