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History of the School

About the school

Between 1930 and 31, the boys at Hanspaulka attended the First Provisional School. They were pavilions, as we know them from the film The Common School. At the end of the 1920s, the busy building industry in the area forced the construction of a new school building designed by architect Alois Dryák.
The school year in the new building began on September 1, 1932, although there were still craftsmen working there.
The school chronicle says that "... the new school building is very beautiful, very efficiently built, no space is wasted anywhere, there is plenty of light, sunlight and air everywhere, all the rooms are bright and pleasing to the eye. It may be considered one of the most beautiful schools in the whole of Greater Prague”.
On 28 October 1932, the school was inaugurated in the presence of prominent personalities.
In the 1950s, a new wing with six classrooms was added to the building in the shape of an "L" - today's part on the left from the entrance from Na Čihadle Street. A temporary school canteen was built in the part of the hall near the main entrance. A school nursery was placed in a nearby villa at 2 Fetrovská Street, which was used for three first grade classes in the morning until 1991.
In the years 1993–⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠94, when Mgr. Eva Šuvarská, a reconstruction was carried out, which, in addition to the gasification of the boiler room, increased the capacity of the school. Ten new classrooms and three classrooms were built in the attic space. Only then could the children leave the classrooms in the completely inadequate pavilions in Fetrovská Street.
In 1996, operations began in a new canteen in a building on Sušická Street opposite the main entrance. At the same time, the school's day care centre found a place in the new premises. A small dormitory for teachers was built on the second floor.
In January 2001, the Kohoutek Kindergarten became an organisational part of the Hanspaulka Primary School.
A huge change occurred during the summer months of 2005. Thanks to the investment of the Prague 6 municipality, the school was fundamentally transformed inside and outside. The fence and both entrances to the school were repaired and the building got a new facade. New tiles were laid in the corridors, and new lockers were added to the wardrobe structures. New floor coverings were laid in classrooms and offices, electrical wiring and networks were renewed. Windows were replaced in the west and south parts of the building. The gymnasium also received a new surface and appearance. Hanspaulka Primary School has become a truly modern school.
In the following years, the premises were modernised as well. A multi-purpose sports field was built in the school yard, a school library, a training kitchen and a gymnasium were located in the former kitchen and canteen. A computer room was built for teaching purposes. Children can use the reading corners in the corridors and the Aquarium and Metro areas for free time.
Every year brings something new, and our aim is to make Hanspaulka Primary School a modern school both in its facilities and in everything that happens there every day.
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