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About the Hanspaulka Primary School Club of Friends

About the Club

We are a voluntary association of parents and friends of Hanspaulka Primary School and we have been working at the school since 1990. We are a place for sharing parents' opinions, ideas and comments and together with the school we find solutions and change. We are looking for ways to get material and financial help to support children's education and extracurricular activities. And it is not only about money, but also about the relationship between children, parents, teachers and school management.  


What do we do?

We organise fundraising and social events and connect the parent community with the school. We purchase and provide the school with supplies, equipment or services that cannot be provided by the school budget. We donate to students for educational seminars, field trips, or even sports at the Kotlářka stadium. Our club assistants from the Together We Give! project help children develop their talents or give them support when they need to overcome various educational difficulties.

Together with the school, we help create a welcoming and inspiring environment where children feel comfortable.

How Do We Work?

Each class is represented in the club by a class trustee (or deputy), chosen by the parents. This person provides information about what is happening in the club or vice versa from you, the parents. The representatives elect a committee which is the executive body of the club.
Club meetings are usually held once a month. Meetings are open to all parents and anyone can join according to their own tastes, interests and time availability.


Come and Get Involved! We welcome all who...

  • want to VOLUNTEER and help with club events and projects
  • can offer their SERVICES (photo, video, printing, craftsman, lawyer, ...)
  • support the club's activities with a SPONSORED DONATION (the "Together We Give" project, books, IT equipment, school equipment, ...)

Do You Have a Question or Topic to Address?

Email us at krhanspaulka@gmail.com or reach out to your class trustee or come in person to club meetings.
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