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Foreign Languages


Teaching foreign languages is one of the school's priorities. We would like our graduates to leave our school with a very good level of English both grammatically and communicatively (A2 - B1).
In the second foreign language, the emphasis is mainly on the spoken side of the language, expanding vocabulary and developing communication skills in everyday life.
English is taught as an optional subject in the first and second classes for two lessons. Thanks to the support of the Prague 6 municipality, the classes are always divided into two groups. From the third grade onwards, English is compulsory for three lessons per week. Pupils are divided into groups according to their level within the year. All grades are taught by Czech teachers and native speakers. We also support pupils' communication skills by teaching some subjects using the CLIL method, three lessons in the first level and two lessons in the second level.
Pupils of all grades can develop their language skills in leisure activities.
A second foreign language is taught from the seventh grade onwards for two hours per week. Pupils choose between German, Italian, French and Spanish.
The development of language skills is facilitated by annual trips to England and projects with partner schools in Italy and France, supported by the Prague 6 municipality.
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