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About the Kindergarten

Kohoutek Kindergarten

The Kohoutek Kindergarten has been located in the reconstructed building of the former Hanspaulka Elementary School since the 1998/99 school year.
The immediate surroundings consist of parks and alleys surrounded by family houses with gardens. There are no busy roads nearby, so it is quiet and relatively safe. The original 1960s purpose-built building has been adapted to the needs of a kindergarten with a maximum capacity for 54 children. In 2008, the capacity of the kindergarten was further expanded by adding one classroom for 25 preschool children in the Hanspaulka Primary School building. Around the kindergarten there is a large school garden, which is equipped with play elements and constructions that allow children to engage in various physical activities.
Catering is provided by the kitchen of the primary school. A wide variety of vegetables, fruit, cereal products and other elements of a healthy diet have become a regular part of our educational activities. Our kindergarten is characterised by an individualised structure of educational and training goals, freedom and informal approach. We do not unilaterally favour the child's reason, but by developing his/her emotional, social and free connections we ensure a sense of freedom and security. The basic educational actions include - alternative, project and situational learning, play and communication.
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