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Our values

About the school

What are we building on?



We trust ourselves and others, we push our own boundaries.
We create a safe environment.
We trust in the process of (self)education.
We stick to what we have agreed to.
We trust in colleagues, students and parents.
We have hope


We are part of the whole. We stick together, we support each other. 
We value our own work and the work of others.
We guide, we connect, we value, we nurture relationships.
We are kind.
We work as a team.


We are accepting of others. We listen.
We consider our needs and the needs of others.
We evaluate descriptively, factually. 


We give choices, we are open, we seek paths.
We know our limits (and our own).                                    
We are welcoming of diversity. We accept personalities as they are.


We value ourselves and others.
We rejoice in every progress, even small ones.
We learn from mistakes and develop.
We encourage creativity and curiosity.
We work with passion and fulfilment.
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