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In our school, every student has the opportunity to put forward any proposal. He can use the trust box, contact the risk behavior prevention methodology, deal with any school employee. Or he can turn to his class representative of the Circle.

The circle is the student parliament of ZŠ Hanspaulka , it was established at our school in the school year 2000/2001 and brings together a group of elected representatives (from the 4th grade there are two children from each class). They collect information from classmates and teachers about what they could improve in school. It is the responsibility of the individual class councils to obtain suggestions, comments or other information that relate to the normal life of the school and that the students could influence.
At regular meetings of the parliament, they decide how to meet these ideas. Representatives meet once a month, if necessary, more often. The meetings of the Circle are conducted under the guidance of the prevention methodology. The representatives then inform their classmates about the progress of the meeting during class time, OSV or OV classes.
The student parliament is most often involved in activities that, for example, transform the physical environment of the school and its surroundings, improve the atmosphere in the school, develop the education of students, support charity and more. He participates in traditional and one-off school events and projects (Adoption at a distance, I'm Off, Open Day, waste sorting, Christmas fair, enrollment in 1st grade,...) as well as events of the Children's Parliament of Prague 6 or various other own projects (Pyjama day - a day for proper sleep). Two representatives of the Circle participate in the meeting.
The circle promotes awareness across the school, increases students' interest in the school community, leads children to a responsible approach to their lives and to the world, helps them acquire skills that will enable them to participate meaningfully in the life of society and gives them the opportunity to experience that they can see the world around them positively transform.

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