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Cooperation with primary schools

Kohoutek Kindergarten

During the transition of kindergartens in Prague 6 to legal subjectivity, we were offered the connection of our kindergarten to the Hanspaulka Elementary School. Following an agreement with the school management, we have been an indivisible unit since January 2000. In our case, this decision was simple, as the school canteen had already provided meals for us for two years. Since then, we have been trying to develop our cooperation in several areas.
For several years now, we have been co-creating the project What can we find in books with the school library? , whose goal is the development of pre-reading skills of preschool children.
Together we participate in events organized by the school, such as:
  • Hanspaul's antics
  • Children's Day
  • Academy
  • Open day
For polytechnic education, we regularly use the school workshop, where we create with the children under the guidance of lecturer Bára Hubená.
We use the school gymnasium, for example, for exercise circles.
Parents of our children can contact the school psychologist and speech therapist. The kindergarten also invites older siblings to garden parties held every fall and summer.
Our teachers regularly participate in registrations for the first classes. They can also take advantage of the offer of experience courses, training, trips and theater performances.
However, the greatest effect of our cooperation can be seen at events where older schoolchildren prepare surprises for young children from kindergarten, for example, a joint celebration of International Children's Day with lots of competitions and games.
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