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Cooperation with parents

Kohoutek Kindergarten

Proof of regular cooperation with parents is the activity of the Association of Parents and Friends of the Kindergarten, which has been operating continuously since 1991. Events organized together are always full of fun.
Our kindergarten recognizes the dominant role of the family in the child's development and therefore is open to cooperation with the family as much as possible.
Together with parents, we prepare various events:
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Easter exhibition of children's works
  • Gatherings with gift giving
  • Visits to theater performances
  • Children who do not attend our kindergarten can also participate in these performances.
  • Conversations with a psychologist - School maturity
  • Kindergarten in nature
  • Trip
  • Celebrating Earth Day - with themed competitions aimed at developing children's relationship with nature and the environment
  • Garden parties for the whole family - again with competitions, but this time for all members of the family
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